3D Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes with 6 thin Magnets these lashes can be cut to size. Waterproof and re-usable 



Natural Looking

- Feathered - Inner 9mm, Middle 12mm, Outer 9mm

- Kitten - Inner 5mm, Middle 10mm, Outer 12mm



Diva - Inner 9mm, Middle 13mm, Outer 10

Luxury - Inner 9mm, Middle 14mm, Outer 14.5mm

Glamour - Inner 8.5 Middle 13mm, Outer 14mm 


Super Dramatic

Flutter - Inner 7mm, Middle 14mm, Outer 16mm

Summer - Inner 10mm, Middle 15mm, Outer 12mm


What is in the Magnetic Eyeliner & is it Safe?

The ingredients are all commonly found in common makeup and skincare products & are cruelty-free. The added ingredient that makes the eyeliner work is iron oxide. 

In addition, Princeton Consumer Research independently studied the effects of prolonged magnetic lash use in healthy female subjects, and not a single adverse reaction was found. Having Magnetic and iron contents near your eyes products no long term negative consequences.

However, for the health and safety of our customers, we do not recommend any eye products to anyone with pre-existing eye conditions.

*** We strongly suggest that you try our products on a small patch of skin (other than the intended location), to test for reactions first. We also urge everyone to review our product ingredients first to avoid sensitivities.


Kit Includes

3 Pairs of Lashes

1 Lash Bonding Eyeliner

1 Lash Applicator

Magnetic Lashes


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