Derma-roller .25mm

There are so many reasons why derma-rolling is beneficial. Most of all derma-rollering is excellent for tired aging, acne scared, wrinkled skin or just maintaining youthfulness.  Derma-rolling makes your skin look smoother & much fresher as the skin renews itself.  Derma-rolling is actually safe and effective method to stimulate natural skin renewal in the comfort of your own home.

Derma-Rolling Benefits #1 – Derma-rolling allows your skin to soak up moisturizers and serums better. 10,000x better! Boosting Collegen Naturally

By creating channels on the top most layer of the skin surface, derma-rolling allows your beauty products to work deep into the skin faster and more effectively. Even the most expensive moisturizer can only do so much when it’s simply sitting on top of your skin.

Derma-Rolling Benefits #2 – Smooths bumps, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. 

Tired of seeing and feeling patches of uneven texture on your skin whenever you put on your favorite moisturizer or lotion? Acne, allergic reactions, and dirt can cause our skin to pucker up, resulting in small bumps and pits. Derma-rolling stimulates your skin to heal itself faster and better.

Derma-Rolling Benefits #3 – Create a better canvas for your makeup. 

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and dark blotches after your regular derma rolling treatments. Once your skin is primed to produce more collagen, you will soon see how much more supple and smooth it is as you do your daily makeup routine. 

Derma-Rolling Benefits #4 – Give your skin a better shot at ageing gracefully.

We all want to turn back the clock when it comes to ageing, but derma rolling is best at slowing it down. Investing in a good skin care problem today will lessen your chances of experiencing dermatological troubles in the future. Combine derma rolling with your favorite beauty products and you’re all set for beautiful years ahead. 


540 Titanium derma needles

Absorbs products benifits 10,000x better

Can be uses up to 5 times a week  

Roller should be replaced 6-12 months depending on usage

Roll up and down, side to side, then angled 

After rolling follow with an appropriate serum or moisturizer

We suggest our Vitamin C Repair Face serum (Not included)

Derma-roller .25mm