First Adhesive that's not fussy to humidity or temperature.

A must with this adhesive is to use a lash shampoo the client should shampoo 2 times for new sets and 1 time within the hour before the appointment for refills.

No humidifier needed an industry first!You will never need another adhesive EVER!

Great for Classic or Volume Lashes
8 Week Holding power (3 week refills)
Pro Adhesive 1-2 second dry time
No Fumes - low fumes
Flexible hold

Lash Shampoo needs to be used before you start the service, new sets get the client to shampoo 2 times, refill once before service, they should also be maintaining a shampoo routine at home. Clients should wash every 2nd day for oily skin, and every 3 days for normal skin.
Use with the our Premium Primer, Our primer is unique as it will remove oil, proteins, and makeup from the lashes to secure a strong lasting bond.

If you have trouble using the adhesive to its optimal level please consult the FAQ below or contact us via email at or facebook messages, we do not suggest posting threads in lash groups to try and figure out how to use this adhesive correctly always directly contact the company!

**We highly recommend you use a mask with any lash adhesive, at all times, we have the proper mask for lashing to protect your lungs, and nose. Contact your countries requirements for proper PPE, and approved respirator. Dust masks which are commonly used are not sufficient protection.


Storage: room temp, no fridge or freezer, no bags, no containers etc.

Shake no more than 10-15 seconds

Opened 2-3 months, unopened up to a year

Consistency: thin

Dry Time: 1-2 Seconds

Smell:none - low

Applying: highly suggest using a glue ring, dip in and come straight out slowly, you should see zero adhesive on the lash, then place. No painting, wiping or adhesive balls.

Lashes Slipping Off?
1. Make sure the lashes have been shampooed throughly with the client focusing on the base and eyelids.
2. Did the client wear mascara prior to the new set? if its not made for lash extensions then it will cause slippage even when the black has been removed, the mascara leaves an invisble coating behind, that does not completely get removed even with shampooing.
3. Refer to the Applying FAQ above
4. Are you placing the lashes quick enough? If there is too much play or hesistation the lash maybe dry or semi dry by the time you get it on it may stick for today but fall off in the next few days 5. If you have had problems with mulitpule adhesives maybe its time to have a master tech take a look at your work. I can pin point within 5 mins what is hindering retention or slippage and typically you just need a second set of eyes.

Humidity & Temp: Yes its true you do not need to worry about the humidity or the temperature however we have been trained to be so concerned with this that it still seems to come up. The adhesive through testing works great in any enviroment the only time temperature plays a role is if its in direct sunlight or 28+ degrees it may become compromised, we do suggest you order your adhesive before the hot months as it travels it may be left in high heat.

Usage: 2-3 drops in a glue ring, great for classic and volume, even mega volume.
We suggest against jade stones or glass, this is for old school adhesive, using that with black gold will make it flat and cure fast. We suggest glue rings, or wells only

Black Gold Adhesive 10ml

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